Great Neck, Long Island’s Pilates Mastery now Offering Program Which Provides Quicker Path to Becoming an Instructor


Long Island's Pilates Mastery

The demand for Pilates instructors is large providing an opportunity to work in a space that is fulfilling physically and even spiritually doing something many are quite passionate about – if they receive the correct, credible training. Pilates Mastery in Great Neck is making that process more efficient than ever.


May 24, 2019


The fact that Pilates changes many lives for the better, in every way imaginable, is hardly debatable.  This makes a career in the art something that’s not just appealing to the Pilates enthusiast personally, but also delivers to them a way to have a positive influence on the lives of others.  Great Neck, Long Island, New York’s Pilates Mastery has had a remarkable reputation for helping produce Pilates instructors of the highest caliber.  Now, to make things even more exciting and interesting Pilates Mastery recently announced they have launched a new bridge-program that prepares those studying to become a Pilates instructor with the most flexible schedule – to help you, the aspirant, to cross the finish line in a timelier fashion – but with the same level of skill and understanding.  The excitement surrounding this news in the Pilates world is high.


“To be certified as a Pilates instructor you need to spend a certain amount of time ‘shadowing’ a Certified Instructor to be sure you have a first-hand knowledge of what it takes to hold successful classes and training sessions,” commented a spokesperson from Pilates Mastery.  “Now all that can be accomplished right here in Great Neck, Long Island.”


Pilates Mastery invites all interested to reach out and talk to one of their instructors for deeper details,


The response from students has been remarkable.


Veronika, recently commented in a five-star review, “I highly recommend Pilates Mastery! Affordable private sessions with a qualified instructor? Yes, Please! I have been to many Pilates studios in NYC, outside NYC and Europe.  Pilates Mastery is the real deal. I finally know what a really great Pilates class is. It also doesn’t hurt that Tiffany is amazing!”


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