Groundbreaking Teacup LifeStory Book service launched for people living with memory problems


A unique blend of reminiscence therapy and LifeStory biography work developed after personal experiences of supporting a grandmother living with memory problems like dementia

Teacup Dementia Therapy Ltd today announced the launch of the Teacup LifeStory Book: a unique, lasting record of a person living with memory problems describing their life so far, expertly curated by healthcare professionals using evidence-based therapy.

The Teacup LifeStory Book specifically supports people with memory problems including early to mid stage dementia and was created by healthcare professionals with decades of specialist experience.

The service utilises a powerful therapeutic process which combines formal LifeStory work and the principles of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy in order to create a unique, high-quality, hard-back book that can be enjoyed today with family and friends, and into the future with generations to come.

Teacup was inspired by the life of Barbara Sturgess, grandmother of co-founders Kate Bartlett and Jack Oliver, and client of occupational therapist Heather Manktelow; the third in the trio of business founders.

At the end of her life Barbara lived with dementia and a very large collection of miniature teacups – hence the name of the business. Kate, Jack and Heather wanted to continue to provide the same kind of person-centred, specialist care utilising LifeStory work that Barbara had experienced.

“Teacup was inspired by the life of our grandmother Barbara,” says Kate Bartlett, who co-founded the business with brother Jack Oliver and Barbara’s occupational therapist Heather Manktelow. “At the end of her life Barbara lived with dementia and a very large collection of miniature teacups – hence our name! We are inspired to continue to provide the person-centred and specialist care our wonderful grandmother was worthy of.”

A Teacup LifeStory Book creates a lasting record of an individual and their life so far, expertly curated by one of the team of healthcare professionals using evidence-based therapy.

The therapy combines formal LifeStory work and principles of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy. Outputs of the sessions – which are delivered using an online platform, such as Zoom – provide the narrative content for Teacup LifeStory Books.

Co-founder Heather Manktelow explains: “Cognitive Stimulation Therapy is an approach where brain cells are exercised in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. Our sessions draw upon ‘reminiscence’ therapy and follow a tried-and-tested approach to gathering an individual’s unique story.”

As a part of the therapeutic process customers are provided with activities to complete at home.

“Chatting through your life helps to jog memory cells, keep up communication skills, and often provides some laughter recalling amusing anecdotes,” adds Heather.

Teacup LifeStory Books including the online therapy sessions are now available from £595. For more information on Teacup LifeStory Books, visit

What customers have said about Teacup LifeStory Books:

“This process made me realise you must not leave things too late. Get all the pictures, stories and writing early on. So many stories have already been lost. You always think there will be more time.” Alison, Exeter, UK

“We both really enjoyed the whole process of putting together Gordon’s LifeStory Book. It is something we should have done with Gordon’s mother. Positive experience from start to finish. 10/10.” Julia, Newton Abbot,UK

“My mother really enjoyed re-living and recounting her memories, and by doing this she also remembered some things that I thought were long forgotten.” Angela, Bath,UK


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