H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Dhaheri makes commendable contributions in fighting against malnutrition


H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Dhaheri

H.E. Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Saleh Al Dhaheri continues to contribute to the work of the Intergovernmental Institution for the Use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition, the Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

His remarkable efforts have helped further organization’s fight against malnutrition, not just in the Arab states, but globally as well. In Kenya, for instance, his strong support furthered the impact of the Sheikh Zayed Centre for Free Distribution of Spirulina, since its establishment in 2009.

Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Al Dhaheri fully believes in the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 and is confident that the great efforts of the wise leadership, led by King Salman and His Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, will push forward the development of wider horizons and look forward to participating in achieving these lofty goals through his group of companies.

Apart from his on-going contribution towards organization’s work, H.E. Sheikh Al Dhaheri has also been a commendable contributor to the humanitarian development initiatives across the nation. Coming from the Al Dhawaher tribe, and from a family of born-leaders, His Excellency has grown up with virtues of leadership, social and cultural contribution and love for the nation.

His all-round contribution remains exceedingly important, and will continue to fuel organization’s fight against malnutrition, as it remains committed to not only fighting hunger and poverty around the world, but also to encourage global development towards a better quality of life, overall. H.E. Dr. Sheik Al Dhaheri and his work embodies the change that the organization is working to bring about.

Al Dhahry Group is one of the leading businesses in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Established in 1983 initially as a contracting branch, the Group has expanded its activities now to ten branches & companies : Zahabco Catering Services & Operations Branch; General Contractors Branch; Commercial Operations & Agencies Branch; General Military Supplies Branch; Zahabco Supermarkets, Restaurants, and Commercial Marketing Branch; Gulf Wagar Branch for Kitchen Equipment; Maintenance and Operations Branch; and Al Qaqaa Guarding and Security Services Branch, aviation operation and oil refining in addition to other activities. The Group’s success has been recognized by its selection among the Top GCC 100 Companies and Economic Entities according to The GCC’s Economic Report 2000 and it reselected again as one of the top economical 100 companies for 2008 and 2012 year in Saudi Arabia in special reports of Eqtisadia financial newspaper. The Group has introduced the most up-to-date business mechanisms to facilitate even more efficient operations. Paving the way to the Al Dhahry Group’s well-deserved reputation has been a very constructive policy of superb quality and transparency in all aspects of the Group’s projects.


Samir Al-Neel
Diplomat & Media Expert
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