Happy Non-Independence Day Ladies; A Reminder and Invitation to ‘Foment a Rebellion’


“…to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice, or representation.”  Abigail Adams

Our Time has Come American Women

Are we really ‘free?’ Do we truly have independence?  Our choices are being limited.  We are largely ignored by our government to outright disregarded and maligned.  Anti-choice groups dominate discussions on seemingly everything; Individuals, bodily autonomy, equal pay, children, justice reform for prosecutorial and victim rights, LGBTQ, immigration, drug-reform to sex-trafficking, religion, and seemingly never-ending wars. 

It’s overdue time we stood-up!  Become Involved ladies. Run for local office. Volunteer for that group.  Speak up. Tell your stories.  Help your neighbor. Lean-in, don’t be shoved-out.  Our communities, families and PEOPLE need us!  Stand -up for all our choices.  (Nevada and Colorado were just a start.)

Remember the words of founding mother Mercy Otis Warren:  “Democratic Principles are the result of Equality of Condition.

Become involved.  Lift up all women.  Champion causes for ourselves and our families, well beyond this 4th of July holiday.

The Association of Anonymous American Women – www.FomentARebellion.com