Helejané’s Lé Cheval – Print Collection For Spring/Summer 2020 Set To Empower Women


Luxury Brand; Helejané, has launched its latest range; Lé Cheval – Print collection for Spring/Summer 2020. Known for their high quality and unique leather goods, Helejané are impressing those around the world with their artistic and elegant products.

The Le Cheval collection includes six bag styles, each designed to be a reflection of Nigeria’s vibrant art, culture and heritage. There is also a specific focus on celebrating modern femininity. Limited edition lines include; Luggage, Bossi, Spice, Diva, Boujie and Bodak. These minimalistic, yet aesthetically pleasing, luxurious bags celebrate modern femininity, taking inspiration from fashion trends.


The collection symbolizes strength, energy and the pursuit of happiness, celebrating the valor of Queen Amina of Zazau in Northern Nigeria. It is a homage to every strong, hardworking, beautiful and successful woman, working as a daily reminder of their potential.


These bags are made with a focus on craftsmanship, and are functional pieces of art, combining bold prints and using technology to emboss beloved prints and designs onto genuine calf leather. Helejané’s Le Cheval collection includes iconic print designs which have never been seen before in Africa. Each bag is made to the highest standard and uses only the finest quality materials; carefully selected leather, strong light-weight supports and polished brass which is delicately plated in 24-carat fine gold.


In addition to growing women’s confidence, Helejané changes people’s lives in a positive way, by sourcing materials ethically and creating job opportunities for local artisans, developing their craft and contributing to the community.


Helejané has already received extensive publicity around the world, as well as locally. Some of the best-known international fashion magazines which have celebrated Helejané’s products include British Vogue, Vanity Fair and many others.


This is the first time traditional cultural prints have been made into leather for use, customers are now able to treat themselves, adorning Helejané’s unique and beautiful Lé Cheval collection, designed to empower women.


Whether it is a method of self-expression, a gift for a loved one or a purchase for yourself, take a look at the full Le Cheval range at: https://www.helejane.com/ebook



For more information, visit https://www.helejane.com/contact.html, or email info@helejane.com ; thehelejaneofficial@gmail.com


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