Houbou Launches “The Multiple Debt Relief Service”


Houbou launches debt relief service that provides support for debtors against bankruptcy and shows ways to escape from financial hardship


Kashiwa, Japan: Houbou, an excellent consultant of finance arrangements in Japan proudly announces that it has recently launched a service called “The Multiple Debt Relief Service” with the mission to rescue debtors from debts and financial problems. With the service, debtors can get tips for solution before consulting with a lawyer. The Multiple Debt Relief Service has its head office located in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture and the representative is Koichi Funamoto.

The Multiple Debt Relief Service is a service which lets people understand correctly how to go into debt and return Safely. In Japanese culture, people do not have an opportunity to acquire the correct knowledge about debts but this service provides information and help with debt relief. A research shows that the number of individuals filing for bankruptcy in Japan is more than 70,000 people a year. Many of them are low-income earners and face financial hardship that is a harsh reality for them.

The Multiple Debt Relief Service will provide support for multiple debtors’ in bankruptcy and help people escape from financial hardship through guidance for highly secured borrowing as well as determining the priority of repayment after debt, rather than relying on high interest loans at the early stage.


About Houbou: Koichi Funamoto also known as Houbou lives in Kashiwa Japan. 

Houbou’s passion to see people live a debt-free life has seen him providing debt relief management and help to individuals and business owners for some years now. Find out more about him on Facebook  at https://facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005016524742&ref=bookmarks.