How Mr. Bentsur Joseph, CEO of A2Z Advanced Solutions Is Changing The World Of Life Saving Robotics


A2Z Advanced Solutions

One man, two names, one company, is helping to save lives through the introduction of Life Saving Robotics. That man’s name is Bentsur Joseph who is helping to make the world and his homeland of Israeli a safer place to live and work.

For those not working in the Robotics industry the name of Mr. Bentsur Joseph may not mean anything. However, to those that do work in this field the CEO of A2Z Advanced Solutions is a big deal. Some people may not know him by name, but they may know his work and how his innovative technology is helping to save lives. They may even know someone whose life he has saved thanks to his inspirational technology.

The inspiring entrepreneur who works closely with various branches of the Israeli Military and top Israeli firms has used his skills and forward thinking to turn a piece of equipment that would normally be human operated in a dangerous environment and transformed it so it’s remotely controlled. His technology and designs are helping to reduce the lives lost in a world that is full of conflict.

26,000 people are killed or injured by mines every year, and that is why in January 1997, the most famous and loved Princess in the world Princess Diana stepped out onto an active minefield to bring the importance of removing mines from the world. Now, that determination to clear mines is being taken up by Prince Harry, but one man who is helping in that fight with landmine clearing robots is Mr. Bentsur Joseph. His landmine clearing robots are allowing mines to be cleared in the safest way possible without putting operators lives at risk.

His landmine clearing equipment is just one of his designs that is helping to save lives. Other pieces of vital equipment include tractors which can be used in a hostile and dangerous environment with remote control. One of the most exciting designs to date is the fire fighting and rescue wireless robot that can be used for dangerous situations without putting firefighters lives at risk.

One life lost is one too many according to Mr. Bentsur Joseph and that is why he is dedicated to designing and launching life saving robotic equipment that can be used in hostile situations without the fear of a life being lost. With so many lives being saved through life saving robotics, it is no wonder why Mr. Bentsur Joseph is held in such high regard.


About A2Z

A2Z has made military forces safer for over 30 years by being at the forefront of military innovative technology. We have been working closely with several branches of the Israeli government to create and engineer technological solutions.