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114 is a new travel search engine platform that locates all the best prices on flights and on hotels.


A genius new website has been launched that helps people find the cheapest flights available from any airport around the world. As well as finding affordable flights, also helps people to book quality hotels at great discount prices. is a travel search engine that helps people to stop paying inflated prices for hotels and flights. One of the biggest problems people face when booking a flight or a vacation is wasting money. Being told by another traveler that they have paid a much cheaper price for their flight or hotel can be very annoying. That is why each year tens of millions of people spend hours on the internet searching for the best hotel and flight prices available. Thanks to it only takes a matter of minutes to save money.


The travel booking platform is so easy to use. The user puts in their departure city when booking a flight (e.g. New York) along with the dates they want to travel (e.g. 10th April) and then enters the destination. Once the details have been entered a list of the best available flights will be listed. Booking the flight can be done within minutes.


Finding the best prices on hotels around the world is just as easy. Just like booking a flight the user puts in the city they would like to visit, and the date they would like to arrive and the date they would like to depart. Through these simple steps, and a couple of minutes of their time, the price of a hotel could become so much cheaper.


A spokesman for explained how their booking platform can save people even more money. “We help people find the best possible prices on flights and on hotels, but there is another trick to making prices even cheaper. Different airports have different prices for flights, so by checking different airports within driving distance can help to reduce flights prices even further.”

It is not just the airports that can be cheaper. If a person can be flexible when they fly, either the time or the day, then the price of that flight could become even cheaper. The new travel search engine is an important tool that does all the work for people, helping to reduce flights and hotel prices to the lowest available.


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