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Pillow Talk Records help book lovers to find the best romantics novels on the market at the best prices.


How to find romantic novels at the best prices is always a question most book lovers want the answer to. Now, thanks to Pillow Talk Books that question has now been answered. Pillow Talk Books is a book club with a difference. It is a book club that everyone who loves romantic novels will want to join.


This new book club which is free to join is about providing readers with the best romantic novels at the best prices. Joining the club is simple. By simply registering an email address, members will receive a daily newsletter on the best new romantic novel available with all the special offers. Some of these offers are as much as 50% off, while others are free.


With millions of books being released each year, the daily email from the book club is vital to keep on top of all the latest books. However, the email is more than providing details of the latest books and the best deals available. The email also comes with a free romance eBook.


Since being launched, Pillow Talk Books has generated huge exposure around the world including the USA, The UK, and also Australia. It is no wonder why this book club has caused so much excitement when they can save their members so much money.


Finding the perfect romantic book is easy thanks to the search engine they have. ( All a person has to do to find a new book is to chook the type of book they want, how many pages they would like, they can even choose which online book store they would like to purchase a book from. There is no other book that helps their members to save so much money.


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About Pillow Talk Books


 Pillow Talk Books is a daily email service that sends you free romance eBooks.  Each email arrives with everything you need to know about the daily book deals, including but not limited to book covers, titles, descriptions, links to purchase from various stores (Amazon, Kobo, BN, Smashwords), author bios and contact information, audiobook links and more.