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Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Inc explains how people can stop wasting money when buying a house or investment abroad and save money on currency transfer.


A leading online foreign currency exchange company has today launched a campaign to help Canadian investors understand how they can save money when buying a property in the USA. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Inc has gained a reputation for offering better exchange rates than banks when buying and selling US currency.


Canadian’s are well-known for being shrewd investors especially when it comes to buying real estate. One of the key countries Canadians like to invest in is the USA. Two years ago, investors from Canada were the top foreign investors of American real estate with Florida being their first choice.  However, many investors from Canada and those looking for a holiday home in Florida are wasting money according to Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Inc.


According to the online foreign currency exchange company, when Canadian’s look at buying property in the USA they look at different ways of saving money on their new purchase. That includes choosing an area that offers better value for their money, a real estate agent who provides a better service for less commission and knocking down the property owner on the purchase price.


However, a lot of Canadians don’t understand that they can save a great deal of money by choosing the right foreign currency exchange company when transferring the money to pay for the property.


When purchasing a property in the USA two lots of money need to be transferred. First of all, a deposit has to be made to secure the property and a second transfer to complete the purchase. When transferring large sums of money, the smallest percentage point in the currency rate can make all the difference. Using the wrong foreign exchange currency service can waste thousands of dollars and that is why it is important to find a company that can offer the best rates and the lowest fees.


Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Inc., which was founded in 2009 has become one of the most recommended foreign currency exchange companies when it comes to purchasing property abroad.


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