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stand up paddle board

Goosehill has become a leader in their field, supplying the best quality inflatable stand up paddleboards on the market. These new boards allow people to easily transport them to any location to enjoy the waters.


Nothing says summer like getting on the water and having fun on the waves and now thanks to Goosehill, more people can enjoy the excitement of the water with their new inflatable stand up paddle boards.


The company has become a leader in their field, not just for supplying some of the best boards on the market, but also for their customer service and their policy of passing on all the savings onto their customers to make their stand-up paddle boards even more affordable. At the present moment Goosehill which was first established in 2014 has a huge sale available on their boards. This sale makes now the perfect time to make a purchase.


Over the last decade, stand-up paddle boarding has increased in popularity around the world. It is a lot of fun and great for those that want to be close to the water and exercise at the same time. However, transporting a stand-up paddle board can be problematic and that is why inflatable stand up paddle boards have become so popular. These boards can be easily transported and can be taken virtually anywhere.


The inflatable stand up paddle boards from Goosehill are made to the highest quality and come in different sizes and shapes to suit different needs and abilities. Each board comes with a full guarantee with free shipping. There are lots of different boards available including the Goosehill All Round 10’6 Beast inflatable stand up paddleboard.


The All Round 10’6 Beast inflatable stand up paddle board has become a huge seller and is very popular with beginners. This board is six inches thick and 32 inches wide. This board is extra wide to provide a better balancing experience.  As with all the boards supplied by Goosehill, this board is soft and has a non-slip surface. It is a strong board but at the same time provides a cushion if the user slips or falls. Just like a standard board, this board is easy to maneuver and will provide hours of fun.

stand up paddle board

Another popular stand up paddle board available is the Goosehill All Round 10.4′ FUSION Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. This board which was priced at $708, and which is now available for $379 is 10’4” long and 30” wide. It comes with all the accessories a person will need to hit the water. Included in the price, coiled ankle cuffs, upgraded aluminum paddles, manual air pump, and high-quality storage bag.

    For those that want to hit the water and have lots of fun with family and friends, check out all the inflatable boards available


About Goosehill

Goosehill was first established in 2014. They provide quality inflatable stand up paddle boards which come with a full guarantee and free shipping.





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