Huldra and Photographer- A new short film by Golden Way Media Films Production


Golden Way Media films

London – Golden Way Media Films Company is seeking two actors in Trondheim, Norway to play in a horror short film called Huldra and Photographer. The shooting will be on July 30th 2019

A Golden Way Media films specializes in commercial videos, film and TV production within horror, paranormal horror, historical romance and drama. The company is based in London,UK. They has several projects such as: Ghostware (sci-fi horror feature film), Roses and Chocolates (a historical romance)  TV series in WWII and Huldra and Photographer. The company’s previous production was The Ghost on the Bridge which won award and received many positive critics from well known American and British film producers in Hollywood.

The company announced a horror short film “ huldra and Photographer” in Trondheim, Norway.

A hulder is a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. Her name derives from a root meaning “covered” or “secret”. In Norwegian folklore, she is known as huldra. She is also known as the skogsrå “forest spirit” or Tallemaja “pine tree Mary” in Swedish folklore, and ulda in Sámi folklore.

Logline: A nature photographer accidentally captures a beautiful but sinister Hulder while he discovers the world of the forest spirits.

“The majority of my stories are tied to the roots of British and Norwegian cultures. Both countries have cultural and trade relations for many years.  I use the language of film to tell my stories about love, lost and the other aspects of human nature.” Says Maria Johnsen the director.

Maria Johnsen is the writer, director and producer. She wrote 17 fiction and nonfiction books.

Golden Way Media production is auditioning actors and actresses in Trondheim for the main and supporting roles.

Date of production will be on July 30th 2019.




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A golden Way Media films company is founded in London, the united kingdom in 2017. They are specialized in film, TV, commercial videos and webseries for companies, film studios and film distribution companies.



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