Florida-based company to exhibit GROOM alternative pet bathing tablets at Hershey’s Groom Expo in September

HERSHEY, Penn. – Sept. 25, 2018 – Pet store aisles are littered with hundreds of pet shampoos that make magical claims but often cause adverse reactions because of harmful chemicals. The Bathing Tablet Company LLC, a company based in Sunrise, Florida, and run by Richard and Julie Atherton, is setting a new precedent for pet shampoos with its innovative new product: GROOM bathing tablets.

With an aim to make pet bathing simpler and safer, the company is introducing a patented bathing tablet formulated with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid as active ingredients. This next-generation conditioning cleanser is gentle yet powerful enough to clean thoroughly while effectively alleviating a myriad of skin issues.

GROOM will be exhibited at Groom Expo in Hershey, Penn., from Sept. 28 to 30.

“We are passionate about safer products for both pets and their owners,” Richard Atherton said. “We’re very excited to be exhibiting in Hershey at the world’s largest grooming show.”

GROOM was officially launched at Super Zoo in Las Vegas earlier this summer. Groomers like Carrie Little, owner of Woof Gang Bakery in Henderson Las Vegas, were eager to try this new concept.

“I am so thrilled with GROOM,” says Little, who has ordered the product multiple times. “It is the only shampoo I use on my dogs and I recommend it to my customers, especially those who use medicated shampoos for their pet’s skin problems.”


GROOM’s patented tablet formulation, when dissolved in warm water, creates a pH neutral cleansing solution that deep cleans fur and the most sensitive skins. GROOM prevents the formation of cysts and eliminates the worst doggie odors by removing mineral grime clogged in the hair root.  It combats yeast infections, hot spots, dry skin and hair loss and is gentle enough for the most allergic skins. 

GROOM is free of sulfates, fragrances, parabens and artificial colors. It does not sting the eyes and needs no rinsing.

To use GROOM,drop one in a tub of warm water or insert it in GROOM’s specially designed showerhead and attach it to the hose of a grooming station, bathroom shower hose or backyard garden hose.

GROOM is a conditioning cleanser, gentle enough for everyday use and a wonder treatment for those special cases when everything else has failed.

Available in 12, 30 and 100 packs, GROOM bathing tablets are perfect for home use and professional groomers.

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