Important Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For Deaf Children – To Help Increase The Use Of Sign Language With Alphabet & American Manual Sign Language Magnetic Wooden Block set


Alphabet & American Manual Sign Language Magnetic Wooden Block set

The campaign has been launched to help young children with hearing problems to learn how to spell in sign-language through the use of an Alphabet & American Manual Sign Language Magnetic Wooden Block set


One of the most important crowdfunding campaigns of 2019 has been launched by Itty Bitty City who received the DR. Toy’s 2018 Best Pick Award for their previous Magnetic Wooden Block set. This crowdfunding campaign which has been launched on is set to change young children’s lives who are hard of hearing and help them learn sign language while having fun.


Learning sign language for a child with hearing problems is not an easy task, and that is why it’s so important that when a child learns sign-language they learn through fun. A leading professor once said that children learn more while using educational toys and that is why Itty Bitty City has designed a magnetic wooden block set that will help young children learn how to sign.


The Alphabet & American Manual Sign Language Magnetic Wooden Block set that has gone through a long testing process through a third party and with children, will help children with hearing problems to spell at an early age through sign. It is fun to play with and while a child plays with the wooden block set, they are learning how to sign.


This incredible learning tool is not just for children with hearing problems, it is also for parents, family members, and friends who want to be able to communicate properly through sign. A child who is hard of hearing can feel alone if no one around them is able to sign, and that is why this new educational set is so important. It can be used by schools to help children communicate with other children who have trouble with their hearing. It can also be used by adults in the workplace to help communicate with workmates and customers who have hearing problems.



When asked why this educational tool is so important, a spokesman for Itty Bitty City said: “Imagine for one minute what being deaf is really like. Sit in front of the television screen, turn down the volume and put your hands over your ears. The world has now quickly become a non-communicative world with none of the actors using sign language to help you understand what is going on. Imagine what it is like for a child or an adult. Now imagine how included you would feel if they were using sign language.”


This crowdfunding campaign is very important, but the sign language educational tool will not go in to production unless it gains the financial support is needs and deserves. That is why the company behind the product have turned to a crowdfunding platform.


To support this important campaign, and to see the educational toy, please visit


About Itty Bitty City


Itty Bitty City is a creative play center designed for children ages 8 and younger.


Notes to the editor

In the USA every 2 children out of every 1,000 are born with some level of hearing loss in one or both ears. Recent figures have revealed that 15% of American adults which is around 37.5 million have trouble with their hearing.


There are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK