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Independent Insurance Agent wants to team up with pastors and community organizations to help their members create legacies by getting life insurance.


Akron, Ohio – LaKisha Nevels, an independent insurance agent, currently licensed in the state of Ohio, Maryland, and Virginia, looks to team up with pastors and community organizations, in hopes to get members prepared for the toughest event in life, which is death.


Her mission to get individuals covered with life insurance started when she received two Facebook request asking for a GoFundMe donation to help with funeral and burial expenses.


“My first thought was, why didn’t this person have any life insurance, followed by a heavy heart, because this was no longer a family grieving over a loved one; rather a family forced to deplete their life  savings and beg others to help ensure a proper burial for their loved one.” says, LaKisha.


Seeing an urgent need to get information out about life insurance options, and understanding that most people typically go to their church or other organizations for financial assistance during times of hardships like death; it became evident that LaKisha needed to partner with these organizations before hardship strikes…Because it will!


If you are a pastor or community organization interested in partnering with LaKisha and bring the Life Legacy Tour (which is about a 15-30 minute conversation), to your location, or to get more information about the Life Legacy Tour, please contact (888) 700-8251 or visit


For all others, who need an insurance quote, or coverage, please visit

Contact: LaKisha Neves

 (888) 700-8251 toll free 



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