Finding quality home contractors is one of the most stressful things homeowners can go through. Many homeowners struggle to find a reliable contractor that shows up on time and does quality work. This is true for many of the home service industries, but especially in the residential painting realm. There are a lot of scams, fly by night operations, and well-meaning but unreliable vendors.

A new company called 404Painter has an innovative approach to painting services for homeowners and is on a mission to change all of that. 404Painter is a new website that recently opened locations in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Marietta. 404Painter works by pairing homeowners with trusted, pre-vetted painting contractors.

When a homeowner contacts 404Painter, they will be matched with up to 5 painting contractors who have all been vetted and approved by the company. Those 5 painting companies will then work with the homeowner and compete to win the business. “It is a perfect solution” says Jason Williams, the founder of “It gives customers peace of mind and eliminates the stringent hiring, vetting and interview process. Also, because the companies know they are competing for business, it usually results in the best value for consumers”.

Keeping the contractors honest is a main part of 404Painter’s goal. The idea is that if painters know they are going up against others in the industry, they are less likely to price gouge. currently is only available in the city of Atlanta, North Fulton, and Cobb Counties. However, they do have plans to expand in the future.

To Get in Touch With 404 Painter:

Main Phone #: (404) 662 – 4193

404 Painter Alpharetta

296 S Main St
Alpharetta, GA 30009

(404) 800-1379

404 Painter Marietta

1165 Allgood Rd
Marietta, GA 30062

(404) 800-3079