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June, 2019: Renowned Author, Speaker and Transformational Coach, Beverley Vaughn has proudly announced that her new book ‘Ready Aim Purpose’ is now available for purchase. The book is all about helping individuals find their purpose in life and it is already getting a phenomenal response. Beverley Vaughn has authored this book as a transformational guidebook and a motivational bible, in which she has addressed many important areas of key focus.

“I use the power of imagery and words to define and direct how to get my readers best results and this book is my effort to help people understand their purpose.” Said Beverley Vaughn, while talking about her new book. “I am very grateful to my readers and their feedback for my work, and I hope that this book will make a difference in the lives of not only Christians and individuals from all faiths and beliefs around the world.” she added. Being a Christian Evangelist, the author is also a part of a 20-year international Christian ministry.

In addition, the book is now available for download and purchase at  with a free Study Guide as a gratitude by the author for the purchase. Beverley is known as the Queen of making things easy to understand, and she is recognized worldwide for bringing a simple and meaningful approach to the concept of coaching and public speaking. Unlike most of her contemporaries, Beverley Vaughn takes great pride in listening and having an honest conversation with her clients, which include business leaders, internet marketers, entrepreneurs and a new breed of influencers.

“As a transformational coach, I utilize the title of “Wake Up Artist” in my business and I help individuals transform into personal brands that own their purpose and elevate their lifestyles.” Said Beverley Vaughn in a recent radio interview. She is also a renowned radio personality and her proven approach provides her clients a clear understanding of branding themselves and monetizing their business or mission with a purpose. Moreover, she offers a wide range of coaching programs that even include monthly and annual programs covering areas such as business growth, strategizing and most importantly, finding a clear purpose.

Being a celebrity gospel radio personality, Beverley also plays a key role in making her listeners and readers understand the true importance of faith in the real world. By bringing people closer to God, she has healed and guided an overwhelming number of individuals from around the world. Therefore, Ready Aim Purpose is not just a book but a clear manifesto as well as a shovel to dig and excavate the real purpose in the world.


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