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Ever wondered what happens with old technology?


The UK missed its 2017 WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment)

 collection target for producer compliance schemes to collect 622,033 tonnes. Due to continuous advancements in technology and the rise in cloud computing, more e-waste is being sent to landfill than ever before.

This is where kocycle comes in. KOcycle are an ethically focused IT recycling company that works with leading businesses and organisations across the UK and Europe to put into place asset retirement strategies that support social and environmental causes.

From decommission through to the collection, certification, and processing, KOcycle undertake all services on your behalf, maximizing the return from technology that is no longer needed, while they also help the environment and circular economy to flourish

KOcycle are committed to planting 100,000 trees and providing over 1000 organisations and charities free of charge IT as we feel the right to technology is a must in todays world.

KOcycle put a portion of all IT and profits into social and environmental causes, from planting trees to fighting diseases while also supporting charities and causes with free of charge technology.



We are a market leader in the secure, responsible, sustainable reuse and recycling of electronics and IT assets, we provide environmentally responsible e-waste recycling and IT asset disposition (ITAD) programs which ensure 100% digital data destruction,


We are committed to adhering to the highest levels of regulation, ensuring all

data is processed and erased with market-leading software.




  • IT Asset Discovery
  • Secure Logistics and
  • Bonding
  • Data Erasure /Destruction
  • Certification
  • IT Asset Refurbishment


 More information is available @ and visits our LinkedIn Page.



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