A simple way to balance your kids’ screen time

Sowi Screen Time Balance App

Bad Mergentheim, Germany: Sowi Screen Time Balance App is a simple-to-use app that helps parents manage screen time while respecting children’s privacy. Unlike parental control apps, Sowi aims to enhance parenting skills rather than being a tool to control and monitor.

“Yes, kids love technology. But they also love Legos, scented markers, handstands, books and mud puddles. It’s all about balance.” Kristina, a first-grade teacher

Smart devices transformed our lives. The parenting skills your parents had are outdated today in many ways. But one key role remains. Defining boundaries through restrictions is inseparable from being a parent. Smart device use among children calls for responsible parenting. By the time they are 18, the average European child will have spent full three years in front of various screens. The impact of excessive screen time on a child’s physical, social and emotional development calls for action.

Sowi Screen Time Balance is for all those parents who feel a bit uncomfortable about monitoring kids’ screen time but can’t ignore the warnings about the negative impacts of excessive screen time anymore. Sowi helps parents find the balance between a child’s online and offline world, including
             ▷ A simple way to nurture responsibility
Sowi enables you to set healthy digital boundaries for your kids from the get-go. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up.
            ▷ Predictable set of rules your kids can rely on
Sowi eliminates the need for enforcing, arguing or cheating. Fully customizable screen time limits adjust your kid’s sleep time, weekend activities, or schooldays.

            ▷ Let your children experience the real and not virtual childhood
Less screen time opens up space for physical activity, meeting new friends or learning new things. Family time and family meals can once again be the time for connecting with each other instead of connecting with screens.

Sowi Team is a group of young digital professionals dedicated to using technology to simplify our lives. For more information about Sowi Screen Time Balance, visit:, or find us on Google Play, Facebook, and Instagram

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