Introducing the NEW OCEANUS CONNECT 003 from Oceanus – A Smarter Radial Shockwave Technology Launched Today in USA


IRVINE, Calif.,- Shock Wave Society of North America, announces the launch of the new Oceanus Connect Shockwave Device, the next generation-smart-acoustic shockwave device that revolutionizes Radial Pressure Ultrasonic Technology.

The company’s progressive shockwave device makes its debut on the regenerative medical market. Like the rest of the Oceanus family of non-invasive devices, the Oceanus Connect is FDA approved as of April 201. This device is class 1 registered for therapeutic applications in Orthopedic and Regenerative practices- increasing local blood circulation for pain relief and accelerated soft tissue healing.

Categorized as a class 1 device means it has been scientifically proven as safe for patient use. While it’s humble profile is 70% smaller and lighter than its any other shockwave device in the world, the Oceanus Connect provides equally effective results. In fact, the Shock Wave Society of North America touts the Oceanus Connect is the “smartest shockwave device on the market”.

Ryan Hansmeyer, Director of Oceanus, USA’s Connect Shockwave Division, explained the reason for Oceanus Connects IoT upgrade and uniquely connected treatment capabilities. “Oceanus Connect is the only ESWT system with built in Bluetooth capabilities,” he said. “This brings several benefits. Most notably, a significantly advanced patient and provider experience during therapy. The app, which is currently free for IOS and Android, features many protocols and saves therapy notes without compromising PMI. Our electro-magnetic hand pieces will provide the consistent energy delivery for therapeutic dependability as well as allow interoperability with smart technologies- opening a door to a bright future for Oceanus.”

Hansmeyer stressed that the device retains the original shockwave treatment power and sensation, but costs ⅓ to ½ as much as existing devices presently found in the US. “Oceanus has always used electromagnetic technology, unlike most other shockwave devices on the market, which use pneumatic technology. Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion states that F=ma. Our electromagnetic technology uses a projectile that has a 5 times greater mass than pneumatic (or compressed air) technology.

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