IRB’s B.E.S.T. Route Towards Road and Highway Development


One of the leading road and highway developing companies in India, IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd is well-known for a track record of executing some of the most complex projects in difficult terrains across the country. The company not only builds various projects efficiently, but is also responsible for stabilizing operations and generating toll collections for the same. 

Contributing to the nation’s success since the last 19 years, IRB Infrastructure has been undertaking projects of national and socio-economic importance. Having commenced the first project in 1998, the expertise of IRB in the world of road development, project management and engineering has been constantly growing. It has resulted in value creation for the country’s infrastructure as well as the stake holders, which enables the company to take on the bigger challenges. 

IRB Infrastructure has been instrumental in developing country’s first-ever BOT project. It has also played a vital role in the construction of Golden Quadrilateral project. IRB’s project portfolio comprises of country’s largest BOT portfolio, which stands at 22 projects and a cumulative length of 11,828 lane kms. 

Foraying deeper into the road developing business, IRB Infra became the first company to set-up an Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT) in 2016. Since then, the company has transferred 6 operational assets to IRB InvIT Fund. 

Under the leadership of Virendra D Mhaiskar, IRB Infrastructure believes in the B.E.S.T. approach, which is calculated Bidding (B), robust Execution (E) skills, Stabilizing (S) projects and Transferring (T) the assets to InvIT. The company derives a competitive edge through integrated and efficient project execution capabilities, which is acknowledged by various industry experts across the sector. 

With a skilled and experienced engineering team and employee base, IRB boasts of robust manpower. Treading through land acquisition challenges, environment clearances, tough terrains, global economic meltdown, rising interest rates and rising raw material prices, the journey of IRB has been all about persistence, focus and determination, enabling the company to emerge as a strong organization.