“It Finally Happened But Not As We Expected!” – Dreamcure Vibe


Author and inventor Marc Antony Stewart debuts innovative wellness product Dreamcure Vibe — an audio track developed to expand consciousness and transform disease, cancer and mental illness.

This specially engineered sound wave technology arrives on the healthcare and wellness market as an outgrowth of Stewart’s longtime quest to heal the major maladies that impede so much of the world’s population. “My vibe soundtrack trains the human brain to neutralize the presence of the unwanted, dangerous signal from within itself.”

Users take in the sound wave through a pair of headphones to effectively target their right and left brain hemispheres. Stewart recommends listening for at least an hour a day, describing the sound as a healing force that reactivates the full capacity of the human brain and DNA. He emphasizes the importance of establishing a long term listening practice — a month or longer — to support a gradual, ongoing cure.

“The soundtrack keeps on exceeding every expectation. It turns out to be magical for folks without any illness as it enhances your self-confidence and turns your subconscious mind into its intended superconscious mind of infinite intelligence. With its guidance, you’ll reach your dreams and change your life forever through your superconscious mind’s seamless telepathic thought communications with you.” The company aims to place the soundtrack within reach of every person needing some form of medical intervention, and then use the proceeds to feed starving children.

Dreamcure Vibe removes unwanted emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, judgmental thoughts and negative thinking and any deceiving preoccupation with the past and heals mental illness and diseases of the mind like dementia, Parkinson’s, depression, mania, and psychosis and restores a natural positive thinking attitude. But best of all it removes the feeling of being self-conscious and replaces it with incredible superconsciousness led confidence and a desire to achieve things and for your superconscious minds inspired divine guidance as to how to do it!

Marc What Do You Say To Those Who Doubt A Sound Will Heal? Place two radios either side of a room and tune them to a different radio station each with a different orchestra playing a different classical symphony and the test is to try to focus in on one symphony only as if you are the composer. Your brain, DNA, and your cells put up with this chaos sound wise due to the presence of the disease, cancer and mental illness causing signal carried along hidden by the CMB!

Stewart has authored the books “Dollars Want Me,” “The Creative Brain,” and “Banned Law of Attraction Secrets.” To contact him for interviews, email realdope@dreamcurevibe.com. For more information on Dreamcure Vibe, see www.dreamcurevibe.com and https://youtu.be/VOPuainFZQI.

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Company Name: Dreamcure Vibe
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Phone: +64-3-926-9349 or +64-27-233-2901
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