It is finally here – The Wham Bam Flexible Build System! The answer to 3d printing woes, is available on Kickstarter through December 6th, 2018!


Anyone who uses a 3D printer knows that getting your parts to stick and removing them from the print bed is 90% of their headaches! Well, no more with​ Wham Bam’s Flexible Build System!

The Wham Bam Flexible Build System

The ​Wham Bam ​​kits are comprised of 4 parts that are each the best in class, made from the highest quality of materials and designed for performance.
Wham Bam Pex Build Surface​​  a specially formulated polymer with a higher melt point than even PEI so printing PETG and ABS won’t damage the surface. It was designed to grip most any filament without glues, hairspray or additives, and parts easily pop off once cooled and flexed.
Wham Bam Flexi Plate​​ is made from high quality flexible spring steel designed to be bent thousands of times without kinking. The alloy contains a high level of chromium to prevent oxidation.
Wham Bam Magnetic Base​​ has been specially formulated to resist high temperatures for long periods of time, without any loss of performance. Guaranteed to resist heated beds up to 130°C continuously.
Wham Bam Aluminum Shims  ​​Wham Bam has thought of everything, the kits even come with 4 Shims so you can easily get your bed perfectly flat before installing the Magnetic Base
Its super easy to mount, it doesn’t require any tools, programming or wiring, and can be installed in under 5 minutes.

The Wham Bam Flexible Build System

It’s so easy to use you will never want to go back after trying it. With the ​Wham Bam Flexible Build System​​:

• Your print stick easily from first layer onward!

• Simply bend our ​Flexi Plate​​ and your prints pop off!

• A quick wipe with alcohol, slap the ​Flexi Plate ​​onto the ​Magnetic Base ​​and you are back to printing!  
This all began with Peter Solomon, award winning product designer and maker. He had been contributing to the 3d community with his models, upgrades, tips, and advice for years. When Peter first created his own working build of the flexible magnetic plates he shared them with the community. So many people asked him to purchase one, Peter recognized a need in the 3D printer field, and ​Wham Bam ​​was born.

“We created ​Wham Bam ​​to make accessories to make the lives of 3D print enthusiasts; hobbyists, professionals and print farmers more fun, easy and efficient!” says Peter Solomon, founder of ​Wham Bam Systems​​.

Wham Bam’s Flexible Build Systems​​ are available in 6 square formats; 165mm, 220mm, 235mm, 310mm, 410mm, and 510mm, which collectively will fit more than 50 printers!
Check out their fully funded kickstarter campaign running through December 6th, 2018 here:  
Visit their website ​​ for more information.

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