Ivacy Giving Away Free Sticky Password Accounts


Ivacy VPN offers users a chance to win a free Sticky Password premium account should they buy VPN subscription, in light of the brand’s partnership with Sticky Password.

Sticky Password shook hands with Ivacy to provide users with robust internet security solutions across devices, with the partnership focusing on protecting users online presence across the world.


Ivacy recognizes that cybersecurity and privacy are not only about encrypted VPN tunnels and IP/DNS leak protection but also about giving users the freedom to access their accounts and favorite services online without having to remember their passwords.


Sticky Password has revolutionized the concept of the cybersecurity industry. Instead of having to keep tabs on different passwords, Sticky Password makes sure that all passwords are managed effectively and in one place. Additionally, it makes it easier for users from using the same password(s) across multiple accounts.


“We aim to make the internet a safe and a private place for everyone around the world. Remembering multiple passwords can be a hassle. Keeping in view this problem, we decided to simplify the lives of our users and partnered up with Sticky Password,” said Alan Martin, PR manager at Ivacy.


Ivacy is one of the top picks when it comes to cybersecurity and online privacy. Considering its strict no logs policy and security features, this VPN is indeed an example to follow. It seems that more and more VPN providers picture a brighter future by partnering up with related services – or, sometimes even remotely related ones.


About Ivacy:

Ivacy is designed to serve as a one-size-fits-all solution, thus allowing users to skip any hassles associated with finding more than one VPN for the type of experience they desire. Ivacy uses advanced 256-bit encryption to protect you from hackers, snoopers, data thieves, Wifi hackers and even government surveillance. For more information, visit ivacy.com.


About Sticky Password:

Sticky Password Premium handles remembering your passwords and helps you generate new, strong ones to protect your accounts. For more information, visit stickypassword.com.


This Christmas, on the purchase of any of its paid subscription, Ivacy offers a free Sticky Password Premium account for the whole calendar year, at no additional cost.

Adeeb Aslam
Media Manager