James Ellars Announces Candidacy for California’s District 8


California District 8 Democrat for Congress James Ellars promises to address the issues important to the people, that other candidates continue to ignore.

james ellars district 8

It is impossible to miss that the nation’s political scene is increasingly being divided among those working for real change and those serving other interests. This dynamic has inspired more concerned citizens to step up and do their best to help. In that spirit, James Ellars recently announced he is running for Congress in California’s District 8 as a Democrat. The enthusiasm surrounding this news is high and rising.


“Our current choices from Congress are underwhelming,” commented James. “We consistently have outsiders running to be our leaders, when they are out of touch with what issues we are facing. The candidates are running based on their own self-interests instead of offering solutions to the problems that are plaguing our communities. For these reasons I feel that I need to run for Congress in California’s 8th District. Our people need a voice that comes from within our community and understands the challenges we face. I will work for the people and work to solve the issues we face.”


James was born in Victorville, raised in Hesperia and currently resides in Apple Valley. He has been married for close to ten years and has two adorable children age two and four.


From a solidly working class background James’s policies include fighting for affordable healthcare for all, criminal justice reform, Universal Basic Income, data as a property right, the environment and much more.


Supporters are quite passionate about the campaign.


Christine S., from District 8, recently said, “James Ellars really has me motivated to vote. While I am not a member of either party he has the ideas I believe. Things like Basic Income, healthcare and a smart, nuanced view on immigration shows the power of a young candidate not corrupted by the system. He gives us hope change really can happen in Congress!”


For more information be sure to visit https://jamesellars.com.


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