Jay Shree Tea is Emerging as the Best Organic Darjeeling Tea Supplier in the UK


Jay Shree Tea has become a reputed brand in beverage market not only in India but also globally for producing premium quality organic Darjeeling blends. The company has become one of the greatest organic tea suppliers in the UK.

Organic Blends from Jay Shree Tea

The company is known for producing finest quality teas from the major tea producing regions. Its Darjeeling and Assam blends need special mention. Tea managers of this company take utmost care in processing the blends, right from their plucking to packaging. They ensure that authentic flavor and aroma of every blend is preserved in every pack and clients can experience them.

Organic tea production in Darjeeling is what gives Jay Shree Tea a distinct and prestigious place in beverage market. Its organic Darjeeling blends have the real taste and are rich in nutritive values. Consuming this beverage from this company will not only give a drinker the pleasure of drinking tea but also will contribute to their well being.

Organic Teas Available from Jay Shree Tea

Wide array of organic blends are there in the product basket of this company.

  • Darjeeling Sungma Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea
  • Darjeeling Risheehat Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea
  • Darjeeling Puttabong Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea
  • Darjeeling Singbulli Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea
  • Darjeeling Organic Green Tea Sungma Garden

All these packs are available at an affordable price. No need to empty the wallet to have a pack of organic Darjeeling blend. Each of these varieties are bio-dynamically farmed, certified and are fresh right from the garden.

One can take a look at its product range from company’s website at www.jayshreetea.com.

Certifications of Organic Blends in Jay Shree Tea

Among the various certifications that Jay Shree Tea has, these are certified for their organically produced blends –

  • USDA organic
  • India Organic

Thus, buying Darjeeling organic blends from this company, consumers are assured to get certified products. The blends are manufacturing using organic methods and ingredients.

About the Company

Jay Shree Tea is synonymous with Luxury Tea. It is a part of Birla Empire having experience in the industry for years. The taste and unique flavor that it offers with its products is just unmatchable.

Contact Details

Jay Shree Tea

Address: “Industry House”, (7th Floor)
10, Camac Street, Kolkata-700 017.

Email: info@jayshreetea.com

Website: www.jayshreetea.com


+91 33 2282 7531-34 / Ext.no. 408



+91 33 2282 7531-34 / Ext.no. 408