Journalists investigated corruption and money laundering in Ukraine


Ukrainian journalists from the program “Lustrator“, which aim is the investigation of the facts of corruption and money laundering in Ukraine, unsuccessfully tried to take an interview from the professor and president of the Academy of Ukrainian Press Valery Feliksovich Ivanov for several days. It is about his Panamanian offshores, searches and a situation with criminal cases brought against his son Denis Ivanov, who is on the wanted list, and whom the media calls “black PR-man”.


Journalist Mikhail Fradkin found Valery Ivanov neither at the Academy of Ukrainian Press, nor at work at the Institute of Journalism named after Taras Shevchenko, nor at home nor by phone. However, professor got an email from journalists, to which he answered dryly.


Investigators tell that Valery Ivanov, who claims persecution and who, according to him, is a “victim of the black PR”, avoids journalists and does not want to comment anything. Colleagues of the professor, in particular, the leadership of the National Union of journalists and the employees of the Administrative Staff are also not very eager to communicate with the press.

Journalists note that in 2015, after the change of power, the Security Service of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies began investigating the activities of Valery Ivanov’s son Denis Ivanov and his company Smart Manager. Then the SSU announced the investigation of cooperation between Ukrzaliznytsia and the private company Smart Manager, whose owner and leader was Denis Ivanov.


A number of officials and the management of the private company were suspected in stealing 21 million UAH from state funds. According to the SSU, this is about the media support services that Smart Manager allegedly provided to a monopolist, and in reality money was withdrawn from the state company. The National Police, the SSU and the prosecutor’s office in the courts continued to prove the facts of the criminal activity of Denis Ivanov and officials of Ukrzaliznytsia, which took place in 2011-2013. The Case is being examined in court, several meetings were held, the company’s accounts were arrested, searches were conducted.


A well-known journalist, and now the people’s deputy from the “Servant of the people” Alexander Dubinsky told about the activities of PR-workers who protect the business interests of oligarch Rinat Akhmetov and, probably, ex-president Petr Poroshenko. The journalist noted that about 35 million hryvnias were spent on paying for the activities of the PR workers. He believes that these funds were transferred by switching to the formula for coal payment “Rotterdam +”.

Also, the journalist on his YouTube channel pointed to the head of one of the PR-groups of the oligarch. In his opinion, it is Denis Ivanov – ex-technologist of the ex-president Yanukovych on “business with trains”, on which he earned 21 million hryvnias.

According to the journalist, Denis Ivanov has been working with Akhmetov since 2013, and recently accompanies the defense of the Rotterdam + formula in the media being responsible for criticizing deputies who oppose the coal formula.


In addition, Denis Ivanov’s victims were a deputy and expert Andrei Gerus, politicians, journalists, as well as some law enforcement officers.


Lawyer Evgeniy Makienko, who represents Alain Degrik Shevtsov in the court on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation against black PR-man Denis Ivanov, told the journalists from “Lustrator” that on September 3 his client filed a lawsuit and intends to prove that Denis Ivanov distributes unreliable information on Facebook and in other social media.


In addition to information about criminal cases filed against his son, journalists also wanted to know about media publications about Panamanian offshores belonging to him.


In May this year, the media published several documents on transfers of large sums that Valery Feliksovich Ivanov sent to his Panamanian company Lintown Systems Corp. through the Latvian bank JSC Regionala Investiciju Banka, which appears in a number of high-profile international scandals related to the laundering of mafia and totalitarian regimes’ money.

Has this state money (stolen from the budget and pockets of ordinary Ukrainians) been taken by Valery Ivanov to offshores? Or is it the funds of international organizations, among which there is the Soros Foundation, with which Valery Ivanov works and from which he receives grants? Apparently, investigators want to understand this and other issues. Journalists hope that Valery Ivanov himself will answer these and other questions.



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