Kelley Johnson Enterprises Inspires with Recent Women’s Leadership Conference


Participants learned about the role of confidence in development and growth; creating action plans to increase business performance; and more


DALLAS, TEXAS, MARCH 5, 2019 – Kelley Johnson Enterprises recently designed and facilitated a 2-day Women’s Leadership Conference that brought senior female executives and leaders together for opportunities to learn, grow, and network.

Sessions of the conference included segments on the importance of confidence and how to build and exude it; how to be an authentic leader and develop an action plan for applying those principles to make a positive impact on business performance; and how to develop the skills needed to be resilient and overcome challenges to build performance-driven teams.

According to Kelley Johnson, Strategy Consultant and Certified Executive Coach, the information shared by her team helped to build and solidify the foundations of confidence, inclusion, development, and increasing productivity, along with offering a powerful networking opportunity in which female leaders gained visibility toward senior leaders while building stronger bonds for collaboration and support.


“In this highly competitive business environment, we are finding that organizations who not only invest in developing diverse talent, but also foster opportunities for connectedness and community, are better positioned to attract, engage, and retain the best people,” said Johnson. Johnson and team work closely with clients to design custom learning and development opportunities that are both practical and motivating.


According to one participant, “I could feel a strong energy from all those women in that room. It was very uplifting and motivating. This leadership conference helped put some perspective in both my career and my personal life.”


“In a word, it gave me ‘purpose’,” said another participant. “This conference was very enlightening. I felt strengthened, energized, motivated, and excited to engage with so many other people with the same goals.”


A recently published video offered a first-person perspective into the KJE Authentic Leadership Conference.


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