La Mar: Reflecting Patients Inner Age And Reconstructing Beauty


When Dr. Rodainah Mhaidat is asked about her age, she says she was born in October, skipping the year. For her, age is just a number and with this idea she works with her patients at “La Mar Clinics” in Dubai.


“If I can do something and transform my patient and make her outer look match her inner feelings, mission accomplished,” she said.

Dr. Mhaidat, is an aesthetic physician and a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. She is the founder of La Mar Clinics for aesthetic medicine in Dubai which was opened recently. The clinics offer medical services ranging from body contouring and anti-aging treatments to cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation and liposuction.


Mhaidat completed her undergraduate studies in Medicine and General Surgery at Jordan University in Amman where she was born and raised. In a society where many families push their children to become doctors, Mhaidat’s decision to embark on the long journey of studying medicine was her own. “I  always wanted to be a doctor. There is nothing in the world like the satisfaction of making people feel better.”


She is board certified in Aesthetic Medicine from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (A3M), and after an extensive training program, she completed post graduate studies in Dermatology from Middlesex University, UK.


“Aesthetic medicine is much more than “bloggers’ idea of inflating and deflating,” Mhaidat said, adding that there is a reconstructive part of plastic surgery, for example, for patients with breast or skin cancer. This treatment has not been very available in Dubai and for that she opened “La Mar”.


A new shift towards non-surgical procedures has been trending in Dubai, Mhaidat said. “With such crazy and hectic life, patient can’t afford the luxury of down time,” she said. Lamar offers aesthetic non-surgical treatments for people who want safe results without extra time to recover after surgery.


“Instead of face-lifting, more patients now prefer non-surgical procedures by doing Botox and fillers,” she said. However, breast augmentation and reduction and liposuction surgeries are still the most demanded these days, she noted.


Dealing with patients’ different personalities and cases is the most exciting and stressful part of the job at the same time, she said.  “Every patient is different. There is no place for boredom in my work day.”


Dr. Mike Wilson
Director, PR and Media
World Wide Media LLC