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Congratulations on being awarded the 2019 Akademia Executive Award for outstanding creative and professional achievement. This is our highest honor. We are pleased to provide you with the link to your official Akademia Executive Award certificate: As an Akademia Music Award Winner, we are pleased to provide Akademia Executive Award (our highest honor) for exceptional talent, dedication and contribution to the field of music! This is a significant accomplishment to be selected out of thousands of top artists from all around the world.



September 15, 2015  Lady Elizabeth single titled: My King Jesus was voted by the Akademia Broad of Director and won Best Christian Americana Song.

Rising Artist of 2018, Lady Elizabeth Townsend has won 4 Prestigious Akademia award for her musical achievements. She was honored with the award in April 21, 2016 at the Akademia Gala Event in Los Angeles, California. She walked down the red carpet in a limousine, with the Akademia award executives along with thousands of other winners while discussing her music, career, future developments and celebrating the victory.

Townsend was showered with luxury as Akademia people brought her along with two other guests in a limousine where she enjoyed the open outdoor arena all night in one of the most happening places in Los Angeles. She shared her experiences and enjoyed the success along with other winners, radio stations, the press and many other music industry executives. “I’m overwhelmed by the response the audiences have given to my music. My heartiest thanks to the Akademia team who have given me this honor and a night that I would never forget”, says Townsend in one of her statements to the media.

Winning an Akademia Award surely opens many new careers related doors for Townsend. She’ll be able to reach her music to a larger number of audiences and the prestigious recognition will help her in doing so.  What led her to this height is her hard work and perseverance. Her single ‘My king Jesus’ gained quite some popularity over the radio and became the favorite tune of many music lovers. The track got noticed by Berkshire Media group who collates the monthly chart data and provides to Akademia team. Her track ‘My King Jesus’ became #1 on the charts and stayed in that position for the whole month of January 2017. The position was decided by a number of spins, station tune-ins and listener requests.

Ultimately, this track got her the Akademia award to recognize her accomplishment and mark the beginning of her success. All the Berkshire’s charts are created for the benefits of the artist and are not published publicly. Although, they do offer the data to organizations such as Akademia so that the artists can be awarded for their achievements. The Akademia team has congratulated Townsend for her outstanding achievement.


Lady Elizabeth is a gospel singer/composer who is writing and singing for a long period of time. She developed her talent at a very young age in Church. Her songs reflect the powerful message of love, compassion, and humanity.  She started her music career at the age of 28 but due to thyroid disease, she lost her voice at 40.  She continued to write music and also wrote a book called “My King Jesus” which is available on in around 100 countries worldwide. Lady Elizabeth is currently working on 3 more song due out by September 2018. Her passion is to take the music and ministry around the world to show the love and compassion of her King.

Ten seconds into the chorus of her single ‘My King Jesus’ and you’ll be nodding your head. With an infectious energy and melodic hook, the gospel artist known as Lady Elizabeth Townsend seems poised to vault straight up the charts. Yakima, Washington Native Lady Elizabeth Townsend’s love of music runs deep. It shows in her unswerving movement towards her dream of gospel stardom and in her award-winning work that has compelled the critics to rave: ‘Lady Elizabeth Townsend delivers a powerful and infectious song that shows off her personality and love for Jesus – sure to be a fan favorite among those who share her passion.’

Lady Elizabeth Townsend delivers a powerful and infectious song that shows off her personality and love for Jesus – sure to be a fan favorite among those who share her passion.’ Unlike many of her contemporary gospel artists, however, Lady Elizabeth Townsend has an edge. Her music combines a flawless musical aesthetic with evocative lyrical elements. Coupled with a memorable hook, her new single ‘My King Jesus’ is attracting fans across the globe. Recently, reporter Blake Wright caught up with this intriguing artist to find out more about her musical inspiration and plans for the future.

BLAKE: Let’s just get this out in the open – What is the craziest thing that has happened to you in your music career?

LADY ELIZABETH TOWNSEND: Lost my voice at the age of 40 due to acute thyroid disease.

BLAKE: Your song ’My King Jesus’ is receiving a positive listener response on radio. What was your initial reaction when you first heard your song playing on the radio?

LADY ELIZABETH TOWNSEND: I never thought growing up singing in the church where my mother played the piano and singing with my four other sisters that the day would come when the Lord dropped a song in my spirit. And knowing the first time I sang it at our little white church in Yakima, Washington how overjoyed they were. Never realizing years later that this song would hit the global radio audience.

BLAKE: What was the inspiration behind your radio single?

LADY ELIZABETH TOWNSEND: Growing up with a strong spiritual background, Mama always took us to church and taught us about Jesus. We would sing those old gospel songs and at the early age of six, I gave my life to Jesus. It was not until many years later when I came to know that somewone was changing something on the inside of me. Not fully understanding or grasping the born again experience. I just knew I felt brand new.

I believe often times, one judges themselves too harshly even when making mistakes in life, not realizing that mistakes are all a part of life’s learning process and experience.

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