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‘’Laundry Wings”

The smartest and most powerful Laundry Service ever in a smartphone ! 

founded by Shakima & Christian Bams ; Precisely  describes the world  vision for the future of laundry service  .

With is advanced same-day All You Can Wash & Dry laundry service in any area, for one fixed affordable Price $19.99 , Laundry Wings Residential & Commercial All You Can Wash & Dry service , is taking the world  to a new age of doing laundry like never before!.

Laundry Wings also  provide  the largest job opportunities ever in the Laundry industry.

 By becoming a Laundry Wings  Boss Driver, you can earn  $10-30$/h on your schedule at any time,  With no experience required!

Visit us today at or Download Laundry wings app!

Company name: Laundry Wings

Website name :

ios and android app : Laundry wings

Address: 2000E. Lamar Boulevard suite 614, Arlington, TX 76006

Laundry Service: unlimited “All You Can Wash & Dry Laundry Service” with same day pick up and delivery in any area for one fixed affordable Price $19.99

Email :


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