Learn To Speak Chinese Fast With The ChineseABC App


The ChineseABC app helps people to learn to speak Chinese in a fun but effective way. It has been called the best app of 2019 for people wishing to learn a new language without all the stress of a classroom.


The hottest new language app of 2019 teaches people to speak Chinese in the shortest time possible. ChineseABC, is an app that helps people to learn basic vocabulary, speaking skills, and sentence patterns. Learning to speak Chinese is now child’s play thanks to the new app.


The ChineseABC app is a very exciting language learning tool that has gone through a great deal of testing by Chinese language experts. It has been credited for simplifying the way people learn to speak the popular language. Filled with lots of features including game-like quizzes and with professional courses written by Chinese teaching experts from Beijing Normal University, there is no better way to learn to speak Chinese.


One of the features that is very impressive, and which helps people to learn to speak Chinese quickly is the 200 situational video lessons. Watching people speak Chinese can make a real difference. These videos are short lessons less than five minutes long. The carefully put together videos show the language being spoken in real life situations which is very important when wanting to learn to speak Chinese properly.


The designers of the app have thought of everything to help people to speak Chinese. The Speech Recognition feature is a real valuable Chinese Language learning tool that helps the student to pronounce each word or sentence correctly. This feature is just like having a private tutor by your side.


Learning to speak Chinese has become very popular in recent years, it has become so popular that Donald’s Trump grandchildren are learning to speak it. The ChineseABC app allows people to learn to Speak Chinese for business, holiday, or for pleasure without having to attend classroom studies.


To learn more about the ChineseABC app and to download the new language tool, please visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chineseabc/id1319197546?mt=8


Notes to the editor:


*Situational Video Lessons: The best part of our app is that we have more than 200 situational video lessons, and the videos are short (all are less than 5 minutes). So, learners can pick up the language very fast, and know how to use the words in real-life conversations. We’ve checked other Chinese learning apps like Duolingo, HelloChinese, and ChineseSkill, they’re just teaching the very basic Chinese with pictures.

-Speech Recognition: Our speech recognition system will test your pronunciation and help you speak accurately.

-Game-like quizzes: The quizzes following each lesson are just like games. It’s easy and fun to learn.

-Professionally Designed Courses: Courses are designed by experienced Chinese teaching experts from Beijing Normal University.

-The most systematical Pinyin Lessons: We have all the information you need about Pinyin. Build a strong foundation and ease your way into Chinese language.

-All kinds of topics: There are a vast scope of topics of everyday life in China.




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