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63.2% of high school students reported that they have drunk alcohol at least once in their life. 37.7% of high school seniors have reported being drunk in the last year.


A non-profit organization, that speaks to secondary students about alcohol and drug prevention, has said more needs to be done to tackle the growing alcohol abuse in Washington DC area. With binge drinking and alcohol addiction becoming a huge problem, y Arise and Flourish wants to make young adults understand how to spot signs that they have become dependent on alcohol.


In 2015, approximately one in three high school students drank alcohol during the past 30 days and one in six were binge drinkers. Most high school students who drank (57.8%) were also binge drinkers, and more than two in five binge drinkers consumed eight or more drinks in a row. Through awareness campaigns, Arise and Flourish hope these numbers will be reduced.


Arise and Flourish, which is run by volunteers, visited 40 schools last year and spoke to more than 10,000 students to help bring awareness and prevent students from becoming addicted. The important charity which is making a real difference in the Washington DC area is concerned about the growing alcohol addiction problem with Middle and High School students.


A recent study found that 63.2% of high school students reported that they have drunk alcohol at least once in their life. It was also revealed that 17.2% of high school students have reported drinking alcohol for the first time before they were 13 years old. With 37.7% of high school, seniors reported being drunk in the last year, and 9.7% of 8th graders reported drinking alcohol within the last 30 days, Arise and Flourish said we need to make young adults more aware of the dangers of alcohol.


It is important for students to understand the signs they have become hooked on alcohol. Arise and Flourish have listed some of the signs of alcoholism.


Symptoms of alcoholism include:

    Having cravings or a strong need or urge to drink

    Loss of control being unable to stop drinking once started

    Physical dependence exhibited by withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety once stopped drinking

    Increasing tolerance to alcohol and needing to drink more to feel the effects


Arise and Flourish who plan to visit more schools and speak to more children with the aim to reduce addiction in the Washington DC area has said alcohol abuse can have a serious health and social consequences, including damaging a student’s career prospects.


A spokesman for Arise and Flourish said: “Alcohol abuse can result in a higher probability of serious injury, including death. It can also increase the risk of cancer of the mouth and increase impotence and infertility. We need to try and make young adults understand the danger that alcohol can have on their lives.”


The Non-Profit wants the media to come together including online social media to help send out the message of the dangers that alcohol can have on a young adult’s life. By working together, Arise and Flourish believe that the number of students who turn to alcohol could be reduced.


To learn more about Arise and Flourish and how they are helping to reduce the addiction problem in Washington DC area, please visit


About Arise Flourish

Arise Flourish, a non-profit organization, speaks to students about substance abuse prevention by sharing stories from persons in long-term recovery. Arise Flourish brings together like-minded organizations and individuals to share ideas and information concerning the critical social needs created by alcohol and drug dependency in the Washington Metro area. Arise Flourish advances specific solutions for those needs through prevention, education, fundraising, and issue awareness-building activities.

 Christopher Kinson
Director of Communications


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