Let’s Stop Washington D|C Area Destroying Their Lives With Opioids Drug Addiction – Says Prevention Non-Profit – Arise and Flourish


More than 115 people die each day in the United States due to overdosing on opioids. With better education, that statistic could be reduced.


A recent shocking report stated that each day, more than 115 people die in The USA after overdosing on opioids. That report sent shockwaves among parents and that is why a non-profit organization is visiting schools to bring greater awareness of the drastic effects that opioids have on people’s lives.

Arise and Flourish, which is run by volunteers, visits schools in the Washington D.C area to talk to students about the damaging effects that opioids have on not only those that are addicted to it but also family members. The non-profit organization which spoke to more than 10,000 students last year hopes by talking to students and bringing greater awareness of the problem that it will result in fewer lives being ruined and fewer lives being lost.

The addiction to opioids including pain relievers has become a national crisis which costs the United States $78.5 billion a year. But this addiction is more than the costs to the economy and the healthcare system, it’s about how this growing problem is tearing families and communities apart. Through talking to students, Arise and Flourish hope to bring a greater understanding of the problem and its working.

Arise and Flourish has become an important non-profit organization in the Washington D.C area. Through speaking to students at schools, they are helping to bring greater awareness of the addiction problem and helping to change lives.


A spokesman for Arise and Flourish said: “We want to visit as many schools as possible so we can bring greater awareness of this serious addiction problem. By speaking to people, we can enlighten students of the problem that is faced by so many people.”


The Non-Profit wants the media to come together including online social media to help send out the message of the dangers that addiction can have. They are also encouraging more people to talk about Opioids Drug Addiction to help put a stop to the national crisis.


To learn more about Arise and Flourish and how they are helping to reduce the addiction problem in the Washington DC area, please visit http://www.ariseandflourish.org


About Arise Flourish

Arise Flourish, a non-profit organization, speaks to students about substance abuse prevention by sharing stories from persons in long-term recovery. Arise Flourish brings together like-minded organizations and individuals to share ideas and information concerning the critical social needs created by alcohol and drug dependency in the Washington Metro area. Arise Flourish advances specific solutions for those needs through prevention, education, fundraising, and issue awareness-building activities.

Christopher Kinson
Director of Communications