“Lightyears Organization” Announces The Launching of ICO For Their Blockchain Based on Airlines Platform”


The Digital Age introduced miraculous advances in technology but also introduced the technology to solve the issue in the real world.

Singapore, “Lightyears Organization” clearly has a better idea and solutions by creating a platform architecture that involves several components that leverage the properties and characteristics of blockchain technology, cryptography and substitution algorithms to provide maximum security, authorization, and traceability.

The Lightyears is built on Ethereum blockchain technology. By setting up a project to improve both payment methods with airlines and the day-to-day transactions with real use-case, Lightyears Token aim to bring convenience and confidence to users worldwide especially within the airline’s industry.

With ICO’s and Token Sales, procrastination can mean a big difference in the future dealing with blockchain industries or digital currency known as Cryptocurrency which is already widely adapt in other countries such as Japan and Korea and more. Lightyears Token Crowd-sale commenced September 14, 2018, and will run for almost 6 months. The goal is to secure funding to finalize the development of the Lightyears Token Platform and the Smart-Contracts as well as to conduct pilot studies to bring the product to Market as soon as the crowdfunding ended.

The aviation industry has flourished and expanded over the last few decades as new airline corporations emerged after the 2008 crisis. The projected worldwide revenue of commercial airlines is approximately $850BN USD. By 2018 there will be a significant increase from 2017 with a global revenue of $743BN USD as passengers purchase flight tickets. A Solution will leverage the implementation of blockchain technology into the business model of airline companies with the primary focus being the payment and reward system for returning customers. The main feature of this system is the rewards gained by customers who pay for their flight tickets where in return they get tokens which can be exchanged for other amenities including in-flight meals, better seats and flight tickets themselves.

The platform will let users get points for each purchase as loyalty programs enable users to enjoy certain benefits from that we propose to integrate cryptocurrency into that business model as passenger/user will earn token as they purchase a ticket on the platform. A variety of services will also be considered in the future development.

Lightyears team have already joined forces with some blockchain companies like Aircoins, which is backed up by JohnMcAfee, Ecex Exchange which supports many digital assets on its exchange platform. Lomostar, a mobile Application platform that includes social platform and (OTC) Over the counter trading.

Lightyears Organization Asset (LYS) Token will enter crypto exchanges on to increase visibility and liquidity for users and the team enabling us to reinvest into the project by bringing in talented people into the team.


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