Loni Anderson Says She Was Visited by Jayne Mansfield’s Ghost!


May 10, 2019: On episode 8 of Los Angeles comedian David Race’s Monstrosity podcast (MonstrosityPodcast.com), iconic celebrity Loni Anderson of the classic CBS TV show, “WKRP in Cincinnati” told Race that she believes she was visited by the ghost of actress Jayne Mansfield.

The incident allegedly happened when Anderson was filming a movie in the early 1980’s in which she was portraying Ms. Mansfield. Anderson says she believes the ghost of Jayne Mansfield visited her while she was taking a shower between takes, in Mansfield’s former home.

This is not the first time Monstrosity podcast host David Race has gotten celebrities to reveal their own paranormal experiences.  On previous episodes cast members from “Seinfeld”, “Shameless”, and other shows have come forward with their own experiences.  Race told us he thinks “Loni Andersons experience is particularly compelling since she was in at the time portraying the deceased star she believes visited her, and the incident happened in the deceased stars actual home.”

As of this release “Monstrosity with David Race” has completed just 8 episodes, and already has been one of the more popular podcasts in the U.S. in the comedy category. There’s even talk of doing a TV project with David Race based on the concept.  

David Race told us: “I have several variations of TV projects available connected to this show. I’m just waiting to hear from the right production company or network that wants to talk about getting rolling.”

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