Luca Perrone – Entrepreneur and Social Media Leader


(Asti, Italy) As a multi-certified social media master in Asti, Italy, Luca Perrone knows how to make his customers look good. His expertise in marketing and social media has made him a leader in his field – from developing social media campaigns for companies in commerce, tourism and tertiary sectors in Northwest Italy. His many clients included Lele Mora and La Puntina Restaurant. “Numero uno dei numeri primi,” Beppe Braida said concerning Perrone.

His expertise is not limited to helping business and individuals. He teaches companies about web marketing and applications of social media especially for commerce and tourism. In recent years, Perrone has helped several electoral campaigns optimize their social media presence. In conjunction with the AG and others, he has helped in the field of investigations on social media.

Luca Perrone knows what he’s talking about when it comes to social media and web marketing and he comes from a family that knows tech. His family through their business, Perrone Informatica, has been helping businesses and individuals in Asti for over thirty years. To put is simply, Luca Perrone has a passion for web marketing, entrepreneurship and his community.