Lumière International Pte Ltd, A Singapore owned company, announces it Mrs. Worldwide 2019 Grand Finale Awards


Lumière International Pte Ltd

The 3rd edition of Mrs. Worldwide 2019 held in Singapore on 22nd October 2019 has been remarkable. Ms.Tan Quek Justina SB, the International President of Mrs. Worldwide 2018, announced the 3rd year of this successful international married women beauty pageant Mrs. Worldwide 2019 under the license of Lumière International Pte Ltd, a Singapore owned company.

The Mrs. Worldwide 2019 grand finale edition was held on Sunday, 20th October 2019, at the Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore.

Countries and representative that participated in this international beauty pageant staged for married women are: Africa, Vietnam, Netherlands ,USA , India, Siberia, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Philippines, Japan, Borneo, China, East Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia ,Thailand, Tatarstan, Zambia, Belarus, Estonia, Mexico

During the Grand Finale of Mrs. Worldwide 2019, Lumière International Pte Ltd selected and recognized the following award categories:

1.       Winner of Mrs. Worldwide 2019: SINGAPORE

2.       Mrs. Worldwide 2019 1st Runner Up: ESTONIA

3.       Mrs. Worldwide 2019 2nd Runner Up: PHILIPPINES




Top 10 Results: (In no order)

         MRS. CHINA

         MRS. ESTONIA

         MRS. GERMANY

         MRS. MALAYSIA


         MRS. RUSSIA

         MRS. SIBERIA


         MRS. VIETNAM

         MRS. ZAMBIA


Subsidiary Awards

         Mrs. Ocean Beauty – MRS. ESTONIA

         Mrs. Dazzling Beauty – MRS. EURASIA

         Mrs. Entrepreneur of The year – MRS. INDONESIA

         Mrs. Elegance – MRS. MALAYSIA

         Mrs. Timeless Beauty – MRS. MÉXICO

         Mrs. Heritage Beauty – MRS. MYANMAR

         Mrs. fashion Icon – MRS. PHILIPPINES

         Mrs. Best Talent – MRS. RUSSIA

         Mrs. Flawless Beauty – MRS. SINGAPORE

         Mrs. Inspiration Beauty – MRS. SOUTH ASIA

         Mrs. Fitness – MRS. THAILAND

         Mrs. Legacy – MRS. USA

         Mrs. Congeniality – MRS. VIETNAM

         Mrs. World Peace – MRS. ZAMBIA




         Queen of People’s Choice – MRS. ASIA

         Mrs. Friendship – MRS. BORNEO

         Mrs. Wellness – MRS. GERMANY

         Mrs. Glamour Beauty – MRS. JAPAN

         Mrs. Lady of Brilliancy – MRS. KOREA

         Mrs. Lumiere Beauty – MRS. SIBERIA

         Mrs. Goodwill – MRS. NEW ZEALAND

         Mrs. Tourism – MRS. SINGAPORE

         Mrs. Charming – MRS. RUSSIA

         Mrs. Millennium – MRS. ASIA

         Most encouraging woman of the year – MRS. NETHERLANDS

         Mrs. Glory Beauty – MRS. TATARSTAN

         Mrs. Lady of Empowerment – MRS. INDIA

         Mrs. Photogenic – MRS. BULGARIA

         Mrs. Noble Beauty – MRS. EAST ASIA

         Mrs. Eco Beauty – MRS. AFRICA

         Mrs. Kindness – MRS. BORNEO

         Mrs. Supermodel – MRS. CHINA

The 28 representatives have visited Batam for their three days and two nights photo-shoot trips. They have visited Ranoh Island in Batam for their swimwear photo-shoot, enjoy Jet ski and Snorkelling at the beautiful private island with their accommodation at SBS Resort -Sembulang, Galang, Batam City, Riau Islands 29481, Indonesia.

The ladies have their talent segment night at Batam view Resort, followed by a poolside dinner and firework night. They also have their pamper spa at Eska Wellness Spa Branch Harbour Bay before they depart to Singapore for their rehearsal and training.

         Company Name: Lumiere International Pte Ltd

         Contact person: Justina Quek

         Address: 61 Jalan kasau, Singapore 739670

         Phone number: +6597451072