Luxury Bed Designer Maree Co. Announces Collaboration With S & S Lux Luxury Home Goods for Line of Cross branded Products


Maree Co. and S & S Lux Luxury Home Goods share a number of important qualities and similar customer base. Seeing the possibilities the two brands have joined forces for a selection of luxury bedroom products sure to impress.

When it comes to luxury beds, there’s little doubt that both the famous and not so famous people who want the best in life have put their confidence in bed designer the Maree Co., co-owned by Erica and Aimee. The same elite customer is passionate about Shivolli DaSilva’s S & S Lux Luxury Home Goods who offers all kinds of designer luxury blankets, pillows, and bedding. With the way, the two brands complement each other quite obvious, and the owners enjoying mutual respect, it’s exciting news that Maree Co. recently announced the two brands are entering into a collaborative partnership that will include cross-branding both beds and luxury home goods. Some of the famous and loyal customers of the companies include 2 Chainz, John Wall, Cardi B, Migos, Oprah, and many other A-list names.

“We are really excited about this opportunity and to be able to work Shivolli DaSilva’s amazing S & S Luxury Home Goods,” commented Erica from the Maree Co. “The sky’s the limit, we share a devotion to premium quality and only selling the best and think it’s a complete win-win for both of our brands, and most of all for our valued customers.”

In addition to celebrity entertainers, both Maree Co. and S & S Luxury Home Goods share high sales and interest from other high-end clients who are NBA players, Business Executives, and next-level entrepreneurs, to just name a few directions sales come from.

The new cross-branded line includes highlights like Custom Pillows, Luxury Throw Blankets, and Beds., all crafted to the highest standards.

Expect nothing but bigs thing from the new collaboration in the rest of 2019 and well beyond.

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