Magician Who is Taking The UK By Storm With His Spellbinding Magic Wants To Perform Magic At A Queen Concert– Roger Lapin


The magician who has success on the cards and who has performed on the Britannia cruise ship for over 4000 guests has a dream of performing at the beginning of a Queen concert.

Roger Lapin


One of the most talked-about new breeds of magicians is taking the UK by storm with his slick magic and unique humour. Roger Lapin, based between Southampton and the New Forest, Hampshire has been performing close up magic for more than fifteen years and has become one of the most in-demand magicians in the UK.


Roger Lapin who is a member of the magic circle and who has success on the cards as one as the leading close-up magicians in the UK has performed at over 150 venues last year. However, even though he has seen his popularity shot through the roof he has a goal that he is determined to reach. The funny magician has a dream of supporting his favourite rock band Queen by performing magic at the beginning of their concert. He has promised if his dream comes true, he won’t make Brian May disappear before he has a chance to perform to the 40,000 crowd. However, Roger Lapin makes no promises on what will happen after the concert.


The magician who performs at all types of venues includes wedding venues, private events, corporate events, holiday parks, and cruise ships has a reputation for leaving those who go to see him perfume scratching their heads. With his sharp suit and his unique humour, he has been called the X-Factor of the magician world.


When asked what trick he would perform if he achieved his dream and performed for Brian May at a Queen concert he replied:” It’s called the Snooker Ball trick and involves 5 people on stage, they each take a snooker ball from a big bag remember the colour and put it back. (nobody sees what ball they took). Then using another assistant, I ask them to take the snooker balls and put them back into the hands of the people that chose them. The assistant gets all 5 correct.”


Roger went on to explain how the trick looks simple but nobody knows how he does it.


“I finish every show with the trick where I have performed it to crowds of 1000 in a theatre to 20 at a house party. At the end, the balls and bag are examined to find no clue of how I was able to divine the memories of 5 people and transmit it to my assistant!”


Roger Lapin who has performed for some of the biggest names in entertainment including Dec, Ross Kemp, and James Martin, is one of the busiest magicians in the UK.


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About Roger Lapin

Roger Lapin is a well-respected magician who is available for bookings for any events including holiday camps, weddings, and corporate events.