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Search engine and media bias occur when they ignore an important aspect of a story or event. Maria Johnsen has developed a new artificial intelligence Online reputation management (ORM) system that outranks defamatory content against an individual or organization in search results. When it comes to social media bias, she uses a method to remove them from search engine.

In digital generation a company or individual’s reputation stands as a driving force based on Google and social media sites. Twitter has been the source of fake news and defamation since 2006.  Their algorithmic glitches not only did not solve the problem but also made this social network easily hackable.  Maria Johnsen believes by adding a new algorithm, the defamatory content will be outranked. Her new online reputation management system is powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithm.

She came to this idea when was working on a real estate company’s defamation project that had 20 years excellent online reputation. Two cyber bullies decided to ruin the company’s good name. They manipulated the owner’s picture by using Photoshop and published a series of tweets which were untrue on Twitter.

Search engines and social media sites mainly Twitter could misleadingly over promote an initially popular page. This problem applies to those that rely on previous searches/ history of previous users. To conclusively demonstrate trust, one would have to show an increase in the bias over time when some blank-slate user first comes to use a search engine.

The amount of data Google collects from people’s devices allows it to identify users and provide custom search results even when switched to a private browser (incognito).

Based on the amount of personal data of individuals, Google and the other search engines have gathered this information and manipulate search and news results to bias them towards what they thinks they know about people. This is when artificial intelligence and machine learning play an important role in outranking irrelevant content against a user or company.

“There are inauthentic approaches to mold online image. While you are in charge of what you want people to see and hear about you, it is almost impossible to determine the dialogue between you and your image. It is very easy to bombard Google and Twitter with plenty information and content that elevates your image, your brand would be ultimately determined by the various dialogues that are expressed about your image on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Given the aforesaid, the best method to ensure an engaging and progressive online image is by maintaining an acceptable, motivational and exemplary character. Companies and bodies must rely on uprightness on their operations, advertisements, and communications while ensuring a memorable brand engagement. If your company has a lot of bad appraisals, you can be sure that this would affect your image adversely with serious ramifications on the profitability and sustainability of your company. The reason for this is because of a staggering number of people depends on appraisals to gain insight into your company’s culture and image.

Back in 2013 one applied qualitative and quantitative research study and finally developed an artificial intelligence (A.I) system to not only outrank your defamers but also track down anonymous offenders who hide themselves behind nicknames to hurt your reputation and business. We get their Internet service providers ( ISP). It doesn’t matter how many cross IPs they use to hide their identities, we find them and reveal their identities to you so that you take a legal action. ” Says Maria Johnsen

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