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Corte Madera, CA, June 28, 2019 –

Leading the international trend for sustainability and the fight against climate change, the Marin Rowing Association (MRA) today announced that its members over 50 years old will attempt to break a 24-hour world record as a Fundraiser for MRA.  The proceeds will fund the replacement of all the gas-powered outboard engines with the first ever electric equivalent.  Along with MRA’s 28kW of solar and 4 electric vehicle chargers, this will make MRA the first 100% sustainable rowing facility in the world.  The 24-hour event is scheduled to begin July 27, 2019 at 10am at the Marin Country Mart in Larkspur, California.

“The climate crisis is real and it’s now.  The Marin Rowing Association’s efforts to break a world record as a fundraiser to become the world’s first facility of its kind to be 100% sustainable are extraordinary!” emphasized John Younger, MRA Board Member.  “It’s also impressive that our group rowing continuously for 24 hours are all at least 50 years old.  We encourage others follow our lead!”

“We are ecstatic to see the Marin Rowing Association take such a strong leadership position in fighting climate change.” highlighted Andy Rebele, CEO of Pure Watercraft.  “Gas burning outboard engines continue to be among the highest polluting, and MRA’s commitment to incorporate our cutting edge technology showcases what is possible!”

“The attempt to break a 24-hour world record by our members who are at least 50 years old demonstrates their commitment to having us be a zero-emission facility for future generations”, stated Sandy Armstrong, MRA Executive Director.  “This effort sends a powerful message to the large numbers of youth who participate in MRA’s programs, and for that we are so grateful.”

The 24-hour world record attempt will take place at the Marin Country Mart on July 27th and 28th.  Special thanks to the management of the Marin Country Mart, Frog Hollow Farm, Guru Ram Das Orchards, Rodgriguez Brothers Farm, and Belcampo Lemonade.


About Pure Watercraft

Pure Watercraft is a Seattle company developing the technology to enable high-performance, emission-free watercraft. Pure Watercraft is the first company to engineer all aspects of the outboard motor system, including a battery pack with the most energy per pound of any in marine application. Not only are the Pure Watercraft systems zero-emission, they outperform gas-powered outboards in quietness, acceleration, longevity, and low maintenance.

About Marin Rowing Association

The Marin Rowing Association is a nonprofit organization based in Marin County California.  With over 325 members, MRA is recognized as a top competitor in juniors and masters rowing across the United States.  The MRA mission is to introduce and promote the sport of rowing and overall fitness.  The Junior team has a long history of success with over 17 National Championship titles, helping numerous high school athletes secure scholarships to colleges and universities.  For more information about Marin Rowing Association, visit


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