Marquis Williams Wins Award For Best-Rising Author And Author of The Month For His Book Beating The System


Author Marquis Williams has recently won an award for best-rising author and author of the month for his book titled “Beating The System.” He is very excited to receive this amazing recognition.

“Beating The System” is a transformational, powerful, and inspiring read. It is the story about Marquis Williams and his turbulent childhood, as he tried desperately to figure out society while never knowing his father and having to deal with the consequences of violent outbursts from an unpredictable mother. The lessons contained within are far-reaching, and can have a significant impact on readers’ lives.

If you are looking for a book that shows great storyline and character development, “Beating The System” is your best pick. The book is very enjoyable and educative, with insightful content that is well-written and organized. There is no other book like it. Readers will be challenged to take a more in-depth look at underserved children and reflect on what can be done to help make a difference in other’s lives, all while simultaneously changing people’s preconceptions of the Foster Care System.

“Beating The System” will grab your attention from the very first page due to its striking mix of literary elements. It is a must-read for not only book lovers, but anyone who loves empowering knowledge. The book is available for purchase on Amazon. It’s also available in paperback and Kindle edition.

About The Author

Marquis, MBA, is an Award-Wining Author, Creative Designer and Public Speaker whose commitment, determination, and humble demeanor have all earned him the reputation as a community leader. Above all, he is a service-centered Youth Advocate on a lifelong mission to help underserved populations pave their way to the life of their dreams. When he isn’t writing or advocating, you can find Marquis playing basketball, traveling across the globe or hanging out in Southern California.

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