Marvin and Gloria Smith Launches New Book Aiming to Help Consumers Who Wants to Understand and Repair Credit Score


Authors Marvin and Gloria Smith announces availability of their newly published book in an official launch event set on Nov 2nd at Mableton, Georgia in United States.

In their book titled The Psychology of Credit: Fix Your Credit Score and Be Able to Fund Your Dreams, they will enlighten you about CREDIT and how to fix your credit score. You will learn how to overcome high-interest rates, negative items on your CREDIT history, and broken promises of other companies that don’t produce results.  


Date: Nov 2nd, 2019

Time: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Location: 1400 Veterans Memorial Hwy SE Suite 122 Mableton, GA 30126


“We are inviting the general public and media professionals for the book launch,” says Marvin and Gloria Smith, while adding that the guest speaker at the event will be Mz Shyneka, Radio & TV host.


Additionally, the book will show you how to have financial freedom. We as a company, can assure you that after reading this book, you will not just be more educated about CREDIT, you will be more interested in changing your life.


Gee Isa-Al, an author and established financial educator, praised the book and said, “This book is a true winner! It helps you better understand how you can efficiently take control of your credit, and how to fix minor things that make a big difference in your credit score. Bag your copy of The Psychology of Credit now!”


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About the Authors


Marvin Smith is a legendary expert in credit who has changed the lives of many Americans.  He is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, consultant, and #1 credit coach, with 20 years of experience in real estate and construction where he gained most of his knowledge. Marvin Smith has received acclaim by helping many business owners fund their dreams.  Marvin has played a major role in developing and coaching numerous investors in successfully purchasing their first property. He has been consulting clients for the last 17 years, helping individuals raise their credit scores. Marvin has appeared on   Robert Kiyosaki’s late night infomercial Choose to Be Rich.


Gloria Smith is strong, yet compassionate, an enterprising and innovative business woman —  truly a mover and a shaker. Gloria Smith’s desire to serve others led her to gaining significant roles across industries, such as the board chair for Another Way Out, a nonprofit mentoring organization, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the American Red Cross’s Minority Recruitment Advisory Board. Gloria aims to empower and educate women from all walks of life on financial literacy to help them realize their dreams. 


Media Contact


Contact Person: Marvin & Gloria Smith

Contact Number: +1 770 578 4165