Massage Therapy Is An Underutilized Healthcare Treatment

Deep tissue chair massage Anchorage

Stress and anxiety contribute to over 90% of disease. Healthcare practitioners all agree that stress is a large contributor to common ailments. Whether it’s stress caused by work or home-life situations, it doesn’t really matter, stress is bad. Increased stress has been shown to increase the effects of aging, and nobody wants to appear to age faster. Stress has a negative affect on all the bodies internal organs, again, no something anyone wants.

In the research, massage has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety. The specific stress marker hormones that are measured in the blood are reduced with a variety of massage techniques. From deep tissue massage to Swedish massage, good results are achieved.

A good chair massage or table massage has been shown to improve sleep quality. Enhanced sleep quality has been shown to lead to greater energy within a few treatments at a quality massage therapy clinic.

A well trained massage therapist can apply their skills to improve circulation in any area of the body worked. Skilled massage therapy can be used effectively to lower high blood pressure. Improvement in blood pressure can have a positive effect on all systems in the body.

Whether you have increased stress on musculoskeletal pain, you will be unable to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Massage therapy can be very beneficial at improving concentration.

All the health benefits are increasing every day. The proof is coming in the form of research papers in peer reviewed journals. If thousands of years of effective use of massage as a beneficial treatment modality are not enough for you, then modern researchers are finally having to perform scientific studies to back up the last several thousand years of clinical benefit, and they are.

Don’t leave your health in the hands of pharmaceutical companies, get the pain relief and benefits you desire at the skilled hands of a quality massage therapist at RxMedical Massage in Anchorage Alaska. You will be glad you did, and so will your health.

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