Meet Shah Mujahed, the talented and celebrity photographer


In this day and age, the human experience has become an empty shell of what it once was. We have chosen to run away from the beauties and treasures of the world and instead race in hordes towards our phones – practically living in them. What once was our giant playground, we have now rejected and decided to while away decades upon decades in our technologies, without even glancing up to look around and appreciate what the world truly has to offer. This has become the unfortunate and terrifying fate of too many of our youth.
On the other hand, Shah Mujahed – living in Hong Kong – clearly stands out from many of his peers. He simultaneously recognizes both natural and man-made beauties of this world, and at a young age, has already become eternally enchanted by it. He does not choose the sedentary and monotonous lifestyle that many his age have, instead Shah chooses the peaceful melody of flowing streams, the might of mountains, and the vibrancy of flora. At the same time, he thrives in the hustle and bustle of city life, loves the fleeting sense of time, and the “always-on” attitude of busy streets! He tries to truly immerse himself and immortalize what he’s experiencing in the world in several ways – his most preferred are exploration and photography.

To delve deeper, Mujahed’s unwavering love and passion for photography started to emerge as he began to explore more and more of the world and nature around him. Taking pictures was initially very challenging for Shah as he did not have technical knowledge or experience in camera handling, angles, or finding the best lighting, but his passion and determination to do so, overcame any of these obstacles. Slowly but surely, after many trials and tribulations, he started to hone in and perfect his photography knowledge and practical skills. Regarding this desire to persevere through hardships to chase ones’ passions, Shah says “Work hard on your dream. Don’t let the simple things take away your precious moments. Capture them day by day”.

While remembering a story close to his heart, Shah details how he was on a hiking trip a few years back and asked to photograph some strangers, not realizing that he would bump into one of them long afterward, and become close friends. These are the memories that remind Shah to keep doing what he does – as they birth such unique experiences.
To add on to Shah’s already impressive resume, he has recently launched and become the founder of his own company – Catalyseur Co, it is an online shop specified towards selling unique and exotic handmade accessories available locally in Hong Kong, as well as internationally for customers. Along-side this, Mujahed loves to be connected to the world by keeping up with the current political climate and help in aiding and improving it wherever he can. This is why Shah decided to dedicate 15% of all proceeds his business makes to the Yemen Crisis Fund. Shah also raises his voice opposing bias and racism against the people of his country. All this continues to show the pure and gentle nature of Shah Mujahed while also highlighting his headstrong entrepreneurial skills and determination to achieve all that is close to his heart.

Mujahed is quite an avid social media user. His Instagram, with over 11k followers, displays many posts and images, ranging from his breathtaking photography to his adorable pet cat, to images of himself with friends or out exploring. A true sense of a dynamic and an outdoors’ man character of Shah is perceived off of his social media, one that is always in search of the next adventure, or the next perfect moment to capture. To continue to follow along with Shah Mujahed’s colorful life, it is recommended to follow his social media – the links being provided below: