Meet the celebrity who raised the bar


Nesreen Tafish, is an Arab actress, singer and songwriter. She has recently finished filming her latest movie “Men’s Secret Club”, which was shot in Egypt, and has now returned to her primary residence in Dubai, where she gets ready to leave on a vacation to London.

Nesreen Tafish

Nesreen is a graduate of the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts (Damascus) and has quickly taken the world by storm while still in her third academic year.

She is one of the highly acclaimed stars from the Arab world, owing it to sky-high likability and a career constantly revamped with originality. As a multi-talented artist, Nesreen is a singer, an expressive dancer as well as a writer.

She has become a fashion icon striking at the red carpet with her elegant and feminine looks. The artist has earned several awards, the last one of which was “The Best Arab Actress” at Al Ahram Festival in Cairo.


Dave John
Media Consultant
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