Memoir Cosmetics Launches Kickstarter for Rubbit MagD Natural Topical Magnesium and Vitamin D3 Cream


Many suffer from soreness and cramps.  Rubbit MagD from Memoir Cosmetics can be a big help in providing relief.  A Kickstarter to come to market is underway.

 Memoir Cosmetics

It’s a remarkable statistic that nearly half of Americans don’t have optimal levels of Vitamin D, something they are completely unaware of.  They are also ignorant to the fact that this Vitamin D deficiency can leave a person with low energy, joint pain, having a less-than-optimal romantic drive, hair, skin and nail problems, and (especially) long-lasting muscle aches and cramps, from low Vitamin D inspired delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) difficulties.  Magnesium deficiency is nearly as high and carries a similar list of side-effects.  Sadly, most supplements don’t deal with this issue in a direct way.  Rising health and beauty brand Memoir Cosmetics are answering the call for help with the announcement of a breakthrough new product Rubbit MagD, an all-natural topical magnesium and Vitamin D3 cream, that has been developed to get Vitamin D and magnesium to where a person needs it and get it there fast.  The company recently launched a Rubbit MagD Kickstarter campaign, where they will be using crowdfunding to help to bring the first run to market while also providing very large discounts to those who show support-based on their donation level.  The excitement surrounding the announcement is high.


“Getting Vitamin D and magnesium levels where they should be can have a powerfully transformative effect on a person’s health, sense of well being, and lifestyle,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “We are looking forward to the Kickstarter being a huge success.”


Memoir Cosmetics points out that not just the formula of Rubbit MagD is natural, but the bottle and packaging are also eco-friendly, a reflection of the brand’s “Green” beliefs and commitment. Each bottle contains 90% less plastic than the average similar product.  And refill packs will be available in biodegradable packets.


Each pump of Rubbit MagD delivers 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 and 500 mg of magnesium. And a bottle contains a full 330-350 pumps in a bottle.  Many health authorities suggest the dose start on the low end and then slowly raised, like with all natural supplements, to be sure there’s no poor responses.  The cream can be rubbed into areas that are experiencing difficulties, making the cream a more focused alternative to magnesium and Vitamin D3 capsules or tablets.


The Kickstarter campaign ends soon so those wishing to take advantage of the deep discount opportunity to order Rubbit MagD should act quickly.  Further information can be found on the company website and crowdfunding page.


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