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Celebrities Are Using Hula Hooping To Get Fit

Men and women have turned back to their childhood to enjoy the fun that Hula Hooping Brings. The new craze is not just about having fun, it’s helping people to become fitter thanks to the online Hoop to the Rhythm classes.


A new craze has hit the fitness world which is helping men and women to become fitter and healthier. Forget the gym, and forget jogging, the new fitness craze which can be done in your own home thanks to Hoop To The Rhythm is Hula Hooping.


Hula Hooping has become so popular in the USA and the rest of the world that even celebrities are turning to the fitness craze. The likes of Michelle Obama, Beyoncé’, and many more celebrities are improving their mind, body, and soul thanks to Hula Hooping.


Erica Preston, the founder of Hoop To The Rhythm is helping thousands of people to become healthier with her online hula hooping fitness classes. The classes which are available online can help people to lose weight, improve their posture, boost their circulation, strengthen their core muscles as well as improving their well-being and confidence.


Thanks to the online classes, those wishing to become healthier can do the new fitness craze at home when they have the time. No longer do people have to take time out of their busy schedule to visit a gym, thanks to Erica Preston, Hula Hooping classes can be done in their own home.


They include: 

1 An online library

  1. 1 to 1 instruction
  2. Live streamed group webinar/classes-you can enjoy a live dance/fitness class without leaving your home.


The online hula hooping classes have become so popular that those who have taken them are recommending them to their family and friends.


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About Hoop to the Rhythm


Hoop to the Rhythm is an on-demand hula hooping class. Its mission is to help build a solid foundation of instruction for all that are interested in the art of hooping whether it be for fitness, fun, a creative outlet or all of the above.