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Palo Alto, CA – May 5, 2019 – Michael Garrison, founder and CEO of AutoSources Autos, has been featured by Dotcom Magazine as part of its Impact Players Roundtable Interview Series. Garrison shared his views on diversification, leadership, and staying focused during an exclusive interview with Dotcom Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Andy “Jake” Jacob.

Based in Florida, AutoSources Auto is an automotive marketing firm specializing in the distribution of vehicle photos, videos and data. The agency provides marketing solutions and Web-based inventory management to high-profile dealer groups in the southeast U.S. The company works with its dealership partners to increase market share and capitalize on leads. The company processes approximately 175,000 vehicles each year encompassing 8.2 million images and videos.

There’s a growing tendency by some entrepreneurs that are in the early stages of building their business to diversify quickly and ignore the core foundation of their enterprise. While diversification can be an asset, owners forget the reason the business was launched at their own peril.

“Know what you do well and stay focused on that until you’ve built a solid foundation,” said Garrison. “Too many CEOs early on are concerned with diversifying their company. Your foundation includes a strong team and you will live and die by their success.”

Garrison approaches each company it works with as a partner rather than a vendor and whenever a problem does arise, he works to resolve it the same day. The AutoSources Auto CEO is always open to new ideas, innovation, and noted that hanging on to the concept of doing something simply because “it’s always been done that way” is the sign of a dying company.

Some entrepreneurs play the blame game, jump ship when difficulties are encountered, and have a sense of superiority. Garrison believes that humility is a key aspect of being a leader. It means owners don’t blame others for their own mistakes, they stay the course and looking for alternatives, and they’re never too proud to perform menial tasks that must be done.

Principles in the Bible provide Garrison with important lessons on honesty and respect when conducting business. The CEO also noted that it’s important for anyone that has a business to take time for themselves. Operating a business can be stressful. He advises entrepreneurs to capitalize on their strengths and make an effort to stay healthy and fit.


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